I went to Paris and still I adore that city,I went to Paris with my dad. First we went to Marc Jacobs x Louis Vuitton at Les Arts Décoratifs,well I think it is important to tell the truth on my blog so I have to say about the exhibition that I did expected more for such a big name in such a beautifuel museum. If you already know some stuff about Marc Jacobs or Louis Vuitton than you'll not learn anything new,it was a nice exhibtion and there were great things to see and I did loved the displays on the second floor but over all for me it was nothing new,sadly.

After going to the museum we went to my fav. shops Colette and the Marc by Marc Jacobs store. At Colette I bought a dvd and this suprise bag,the suprise bag was 20,- euros and because the little girl in me came up I just had to buy it. What was in the bag I will show you on my Paris shopblog!

 We took the metro to la Bastille,on the internet I noticed that allot people were talking really positive about la Bastille but I couldn't find all those amazing shops everybody was talking about so that's a good goal for the next time. By the way this is what I was wearing!

Because la Batille was such a dissapointment we went to my favorite area of Paris,le Marais. Le Marais is a historic district in Paris,we call it the jewish part of Paris because in le Marais you see allot jewish men walking around and talking about there religion,sometimes they ask you if you are jewish to become..I dont now how to say this in english but if you are jewish they want you to become die-hard jewish if you now what I mean,but I must say those jewish people are really nice and if you dont have any interesst in there story and if you say that nicely than they wont bother you.

I love to shop in le Marais,there are allot vintage stores and cute stores that you cant find at the champs-elysees. The first store I'm were I'm going to tell you about is Manoush,this shop I found for the first time in le Marais but I found out that the have more shops in Paris,they have really special clothes but I wasn't allot to make a photo inside the store but if you check out there website you can see the clothes they have,there style is what I like to call ''indian chic'', if you just have got a studunt budget than this store is only to jabber,unfortunatly.

I will tell you about more stores tomorrow but school is hectict! So tomorrow I will blog some more! xoxo


  1. Het ziet er wel heel gaaf uit allemaal! En wat heb je toch een mooie blog! ♥


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