Wrapp Special Give Away

Last week I received an email about this new concept called Wrapp. The ‘Social gifting app’! Sounds pretty cool right?
Wrapp makes it possible to give gifts every were and any where!

Wrapp is the first social gifting app that you can use to give your  Facebook friends gifts every day! Thats perfect if your BFF lives at the other end of the world.

That Wrapp is from Sweden,may
not be called a suprise: the Scandinavian country has introduced in the past more successful apps like Skype and Spotify.

The idea is very simple: you download the free app on your iPhone or Android, log in with your Facebook data and you can suprise all your friends with free gift cards from leading (inter) national brands gift. And what brands!brands like Blond Amsterdam, O'Neill and America Today,9StraatjesOnline and also include the renowned accessory brand Fab linked to Wrapp. The media have already written much about Wrapp: last week the brand new app even was on RTL Boulevard!

For more info go to www.wrapp.com

Special for my lovely followers Wrapp has given me a link and if you are one of the 20 first clickers than you'll receive an €10! giftcard from 9StraatjesOnline ! How awesome is that? here's the link



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