Nailpolish:Catrice - Be My Millionaire

So I've tested Be my Millionaire from Catrice 
Be my Millionaire is a vintage looking silver beige. Heavily frosted
 The formula is very good and they are with their € 2.49 so cheap that you (want to) buy them with in a dozen haha
I've got here some more colours  from the Catrice soon there will be more nailpolish reviews
What do you think of this colour?


  1. Very simple and wearble color.

  2. Ik ben echt verslaafd aan de nagellak van Catrice. Het is zulke fijne nagellak en helemaal niet zo duur!!

  3. I love it, it remind me Fergi from BEP.

    LV oxox♥

  4. That is a really pretty shade of silver ;)

  5. Du wurdest getagged

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