Mr X Talks About Life, Death & Drugs

Director Alex Nicholson, with the help of Rogue Films, has created a surreal short film completely in black and white that features Southern London tattoo artist Duncan X. The short film features Mr. X talking and explaining the meanings of his tattoos, life and work. The dark short video offers an intensely surreal and intimate insight into his thoughts on his work and special moments in his life worth mentioning. 

In the video, we listen to Duncan in reflective thought, discussing his values and thoughts on life, drugs and other experiences. He touches on the fact that someone who gets tattoos on a more frequent basis reflects directly on the mentality and state of the person. He starts off with no tattoos and as he talks, tattoos slowly and gradually grow on him and materialize. The tattoo becomes a symbol for the unburdening of his story and past as his tattoos become more apparent as the topic of discussions become easier and lighter.


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