So some days ago I went to a fabricstore because I needed fabric for school and i've bought some really swagger fabric haha

Finally I found some galaxy printed fabric,maybe you remember my post about Christopher Kane dresses( I was in love with those dresses,well i'm still in love with those dresses and now I can make my own version of it! But maybe it isn't a bad idea to start with a skirt

By the way there is another girl blogging under the name Itsmeroxy,this is her website
So to make things clear,that isn't my website honeys!


  1. Omg omg ,I adore the galaxy fabric!
    PS. Join my earcuff give away!

  2. hey roxanne, can you point me in the direction of where i can get this galaxy fabric? i've been looking for some :)


  3. Wow that fabric is amazing!! Where did you buy it from? Do they sell online?
    You know, I've been looking for this type of fabric everywhere and all over the internet other people have been commenting saying that they have been looking also. If you could someone buy a bulk amount of this you could sell it to all these people for like 3 times the price you paid. I'd definetely be willing to pay a decent amount for this. Its so colourful!
    If the place you bought it from has any left, and you are wanting to sell some, let me know :)

  4. I would love to get my hands on some of this fabric as well...where did you get it??


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