DIY:Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats

I did fell completely in love with Marc Jacobs' adorable mouse flats the first time i saw them. They are quirky, yet still very wearable and sweet. They cost a pretty penny, though ($$$), and are unfortunately probably not within everyone's budget. Here is a cute DIY version which I would love to see adapted with different materials! I am planning to make some soon... maybe with vinyl, crystals and permanent ink!Enjoy....
How to turn your shoes into mices.
So here, my dears, is a step-by-step guide to turning your shoes into mice.

Step 1) Gather supplies. Felt, needle & thread, craft glue, and shoes, of course. I used these cute old comfy flats, I got them for $5 from a thrift store.
Step 2) Cut out 4 felt ear shapes, and 4 smaller ear shapes in a contrasting colour. Glue the smaller ear pieces to the larger ones, as shown.
Step 3) Sew a couple of stitches in the bottom corner of the ears, attaching them to the shoe. This is just to hold them in place and secure them a little better. Then fold the ear over and put a little craft glue on it, sticking it down. I attached a little bow on one ear of each of mine.
Step 4) Cut out 4 white eyes & 4 black circles to make the pupils. I also cut out two pink triangles to make noses.
Step 5) Arrange the rest of the faces on both shoes!
Step 6) Wear your super cute ridiculous mouse shoes.
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