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Nowadays, you can find almost anything online; prom dresses are no exception! I am personally a huge fan of online shopping. Don't get me wrong, I still love going to the mall with friends and trying on clothes, shopping the bargains and discovering the perfect shoes on the shelf. But you still can't beat the convenience of online shopping, especially when the retailer offers a coupon code for free shipping or some other discount.
So that brings us to the question at hand: 
Where can you buy your prom dress online?
I've been looking for some websites were they have pretty dresses and during my search for it I came across this website Pickedresses . The reason why I really liked this website is because they have soo many different types of dresses!

Whether you are looking for a long flowing classic prom dress for senior prom or a short sassy semi-formal dress for junior prom at you will find hundreds of styles of prom dresses, party dresses and cocktail dresses for you to choose from. Even if you are hard to fit, they have so many styles in sizes from petite to plus that you will be able to find your dream prom dress. For those priceless prom memories, Picke Dresses has dresses priced to match every budget. Choose a dress you like, not just one that fits your budget. 

I'm gonna show you some of the dresses I liked the most! As you all know I'm not the type of girl for fluffy pink dresses but at Picke Dresses they also have dresses that match my style and that is pretty much a miracle so if they have dresses in my style they will have something in yours! Below some of my favorites!

How cute is this A-line dress? It's a short model with tule and an empire waist wich is a very nice style for girls with curves! I'm a bit in love with the top of the dress, I really like the romantic beading!

Oh my! This A-line sweetheart asymmetrical dress is way to gorgeous! I think that every girl would love to be dramatic in their dress choice and this one is the perfect one for that. I'ts sexy and over the top, all eyes will be on you wearing this dress! The best is to match this dress with some black smokey eyes and wine red lips.

This dress isn't everyones style but I think it's to so pretty! As most of you know I'm totally addicted to lace. Embrace your femininity with lace because it's classy and dramatic in all shapes and sizes. Wear your lace dress with statement jewels! Be belle of the ball in this beautiful floor length  mermaid lace dress. 

€ 102,40
Yes I love black dresses because it's a safe color but when I saw this what an amazing color! It reminds me of the ocean. This style is an floor length one shoulder dress with an empire waist. The rhinestones on the top and shoulder makes this dress look very expensive. What a pretty one!

Last but not least this dress is to die for! It is so pretty and classy! I really like the style of the dress and because my body shape is hourglass I think this dress will look perfect, not just for me but for everybody with an hourglass figure. Another thing I love about this dress is of course the lace details and the high split so that I would be able to show of my new thigh tattoo haha!

Can't wait to see more of the beautiful dresses the sell? Click below!


  1. Cool dresses!

  2. These dresses are all so beautiful - love the colours and styles!! :)

  3. I really like the red dress on the right xx

  4. Whether a Prom Dresses should be long, short, or somewhere in between is largely a function of the fashion that year.

    You become a lovely and princess-ey prom date when those long dresses - sometimes with trains - are in fashion. That is…in the photos. In real life, though, a prom dress hem may be dragged through springtime mud, raked over the dirty asphalt, or picking up all the debris on the dance floor and the food and punch spilled next to your dinner table. Not to mention, your hem will get spiked by your high-heeled shoes.


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