Nikkie opens her first brand store

Maybe you can remeber this post (click!) when Nikkie plessen launche her own brand at Modefabriek. Nikkie Plessen presented this tuesday the first Nikkie Brand Store in Amsterdam. The realization of the Nikkie store evolved from the success of Nikkie fashion label.

On Tuesday Nikkie Plessen called a select number of journalists and editors , including Hilmar Mulder ( Grazia ) , May Britt Mobach ( Marie Claire ) , Sabine Geurten ( Glamour ) , Georgette Koning (NRC , VOGUE , Elsevier , FD ) , blogger Negin Mirsalehi and
the directors of Fashion Club 70 welcome to the Nikkie Brand Store for an exclusive press lunch .

Nikkie Plessen : " Since the start of Nikkie in 2012 I am closely involved with the brand. What started as a small production and a kick -off during Fashion Factory in 2012 , resulted in a real business . We are at present , with more than two hundred outlets, full in the Netherlands . The fact that Nikkie the fastest growing brand in the Netherlands is achieved Fashion Club 70 , who approached us to enter into a partnership . Fashion Club 70 , a concept in the European fashion world , is the largest fashion agency in the Benelux that now represents Nikkie .
Now that Germany , France and England show interest besides Belgium , is a dream come true . "
The DNA of the brand is felt as soon as you walk into the store , tough, sexy and feminine. The Nikkie Brand Store is located at the Cornelis Schuytstraat 39 in Amsterdam and is recognizable by its unique , young , European dimension, the optimal brand experience causes . Together with Framework Architects Nikkie Plessen devised the concept that forms the basis for the new series Nikkie Brand Stores opened in the future. Especially for the occasion on Tuesday September 17 stylede LM Flower Fashion shop and kept Andy Verdonk FoodJoy lunch.


Nikkie fashion label reflects the identity and personal style of Nikkie Plessen and therefore carries its own name . Nikkie Plessen . Nikkie is tough , sexy , feminine , portable and draws its strength from affordable quality products . Thanks to a very successful start Nikkie already hangs in over two hundred Dutch shops and is a successful step put abroad .


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