Behind the scenes at Fashionista Magazine

I had won a price on Facebook and that was a visit to Fashionista magazine and as you all probablyknow I want to become a fashionjournalist soo that was just the perfect price for me! Totally excited my little niece and I went to Hoofddorp.


We first started with an introduction and a high tea with the most delicious cupcakes ever,nomnomnom.

After the high tea we did get a tour trough the building were Fashionista is made,in that building are more well knowed magazine like Cosmopolitain,Grazia and even the Donald Duck.

After the tour we made a collage with a winter thema and just discussed our day a bit,everyone had a great time at Fashionista!

We had such a blast that day and know I definitely know that I want to work at a Fashion magazine! Thanks Fashionista


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