Fashion Sell Out

So I received an email from Sam,she's the owner of the webshop

She works behind the scenes of fashion shoots and she is also a personal shopper.
Her biggest hobby is fashion and that turned in to her work
Isn't that great?
Its also free shipping in the Netherlands!
At the end of your order the delivery is charged separately.
(Belgium 8.99 per order)
All the clothes are second hand or are samples so its a bit cheaper than if you buy them in the stores.
What is also very nice is that you can search by size

So I looked around the webshop and here are my favs

Are you gonna check it out?


  1. lovvvvve this! thanks for sharing! found you on another blog!!!!

  2. oooh cool! will definitely check it out. :)

    <3, Mimi


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