So Yesterday I was in Paris and there was a hudge protest around the Guerlain house at the Champ Elysees.
There were dozens of protesters wearing black

The protesters had signs with texts like, "No to racism" and "Boycott Guerlain!" and they did discarded Guerlain products outside the store.

I asked a protester what was going on,Guerlain had used the N word – nègre in French - during a midday news bulletin on Thursday, when he described the creation of the Samsara perfume - blend of sandalwood and jasmin inspired by his first wife.

“For once, I worked like a nigger,” he told the interviewer. “I don’t know if niggers really worked that much.”

What do you think about this?
 Can it really not be tolerated or do people overreact?


  1. Louis Vuiton is also Anti-Semetic. In Beverly Hills they will not allow the Jewish employees Saturdays off to go to temple -- they make Jewish employees work every Saturday and on holidays.


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