I just came back from Chersonisos (Creta,Greece)and it was a very relaxing but also crazy holiday,I went out every night and partied until the sun came up. Most of time people come back from there holiday relaxed and chill but I came back way to tired

I stayed at Glaros Beach hotel with a friend of mine. Its was my first holiday without my parents overseas. Glaros beach hotel (in chersonisos) is perfectly located if you want to have the ultimate party holiday. Its only a 10 minute walk to all the big clubs and a 10 min walk to Starbeach. (By the way Starbeach has the best parties in town) It was also nice that because you are in the middle you dont have the noice till 8 o'clock in the morning.
Palm beach club is a great club and a must check out but if you are a student just like me I advise you to only get one drink because the ask €8,- for one simple cocktail.

The glow party at Amnesia was also one of the best parties this week..its every  if I remeber it right. Dont wear any good clothes because at random times there will be an "explosian" of glow paint in the club!
The best lunch and dinner in town you can get at White Lion. Its cheap and yummy but you get fries with every dish.

Best cocktails in town and our favorite spot to check out people is at Bio Bio. Its always happy hour at Bio Bio so buy one drink get one free! One thing thats a bit funny is that when we had our first cocktails for €5,- and it was no problem to split it,one for me and one for Moniek,in that way we could try different cocktails. But later on the week the cocktails turned €6,- and you cant split it and the last day the cocktails even went up to €7,-. Every club/bar had turned up there prices so Bio Bio followed there lead.
One last tip I can give you'll is chill box. Chill box is a concept where you can make your one frozen yogurt ice cream. You take as many frozen yogurt as you want an then you can at about 25 toppings (m&ms,sauces,fruit,candy,nuts ect.) After you have choice your toppings the people who work at chill box are gonna weigh your cup and how more is weighs how higher the price is. So if you must pay allot its your own fault haha. The also have normal ice creams at Chill box but I only tried the frozen yogurt and it was yummy in my tummy!
Creta is great! The people are nice,the weather was awesome and the surroundings are so pretty! I had a blast and one week is way to short to discover this great island!


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